#111 - "Breaking Business Barriers" Live @ Thrive

In this episode, Miro is recording in Las Vegas at Thrive Business Conference. He linked up with the Breaking Business Barriers crew. They talk business, how to keep a multi-member partnership sane, and overall insight into how personal connections seem to translate into business relationships... sometimes. Open Media Source is a Digital Media and consulting company owned by Dr. Joseph Kaye, Brandon Straza and Brent Duhaime (Do-hame). They co-host their flagship podcast called Breaking Business Barriers that focuses on someone's career decision - a fork in the road. Typically, these are very difficult, career crossroads that if a wrong decision is made, it could be a long road to recovery. The guests range from "C" suite leaders, business owners/entrepreneurs, etc. Brent Duhaime (last name pronounced Do-hame). Brent is a 30 year veteran in finance, financial services and other service related businesses. He's owned and operated various businesses since his days growing up on a farm in South Dakota. Brent can easily be found on LinkedIn as well as the other social media outlets. Dr. Joseph Kaye started his career in academia along with mental health. He began to find a new passion in life that included bringing expertise in the digital market to small/medium sized businesses. Doc brings a deep thinking thought process to the Breaking Business Barriers show. You can find Doc on Instagram under Joseph Kaye. Brandon Straza, also known as the Real Naked Agent, is a partner with his Sister in a company called American Option Insurance. Brandon and Doc have worked directly together for the last several years. Brandon and Brent have worked together over the last 20 plus years in various capacities. You can find Brandon on Instagram under realnakedagent. Stay tuned for more fresh content covering Thrive in the next few days.