#184 - Steve Sims - Navigating the Shutdown

In this episode, Steve Sims returns to the show to talk about the path back to work after the quarantine is lifted. What can we do now to prepare for the future? This is the first of a series covering getting back to work and recovering financially from the shutdown. "Steve Sims has transferred from banking to launch the worlds most recognized concierge firm - Bluefish Concierge. Steve also consults many high end and new luxury companies in branding and market approach. Steve Sims has appeared in the press and TV in many countries worldwide, been quoted from Wall St Journal to South China Morning Post and even received the honor of speaking at Harvard – twice!. Bluefish is not a gopher service, an old boy's network or a snobby bunch of party crashing showoffs. Please don't call us to pick up your dry cleaning; that is simply not what we do. Instead, we offer the highest level of personalized travel, transportation and entertainment-related services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest."

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