#114 - David Wood Interview

In this episode, Miro talks with David Wood, CEO of "Play for Real" a consulting company that helps companies to improve performance and retention. But David dosent just help the corporate world. “Play for Real” is something we all get to define for ourselves. To David, it means living with even more truth, more daring, and more caring than he ever has before. The real question is….what will “Play for Real” mean to you? Even at your level of success, are you lacking one or more of the following: 1) A clear, compelling vision 2) A clear, practical plan 3) The focus and discipline to swiftly implement the plan 4) A clear understanding of who you truly are, and who you wish to become? David plays for real. A former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies – such as Sony Music, Proctor & Gamble, and Exxon – David left his cushy Park Avenue job 20 years ago to explore both the outer world, and his own inner world. David says: “When you’re 10,000 feet ABOVE the Himalayas hanging from a piece of cloth, you see life differently.” From his unique vantage point, David has now coached thousands of hours spanning 20 years and 12 countries around the globe.