#140 - Mia Hewett Interview "The Human Potential Expert"

During this episode, Mia Hewett, the human potential expert. Get to know how to be successful in your own natural way. Also, find out what our feelings and emotions have to do with our path to succeeding. Episode Highlights: Behaviors, is it intellectual or emotional? How can you be wealthy in survival? How do human beings behave towards conflict? What does Mia say about the past? Why is making the money the easy part? Who are the people that are truly happy? Where does happiness really coming from? How do feelings serve as a guidance system? Why is it important to keep focus at the present? What is the universal law of polarity? Key Points: Human beings are made to succeed, we were just taught that success must be earned the hard way, that's why most of us fail The fear of judgement and rejection is what holds human beings from succeeding. Succeeding is all about keeping yourself in the present, where all your greatest ideas are, and when you imagination is at highest alert. Tweetable Quotes: “We were all born for success, and we’ve been talked out of it.” - Mia Hewett "No one gets out of here alive. We're all gonna die!" -Mia Hewett "Like the bird who instinctively knows how to fly...you instinctively know how to be successful!" -Mia Hewett Resources Mentioned: Visit Mia’s website at https://www.miahewett.com/ Check her Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MiaHewettOfficial/ Check her new book, Meant for More Stop Secretly Struggling and Become a Force to Be Reckoned With